[Iron-containing food]_Iron_Food_Type

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[Iron-containing food]_Iron_Food_Type

Some babies will have anemia after birth. For such babies, they can properly supplement some iron-containing nutrients. At the age when they can feed complementary foods, they can properly feed some iron-containing complementary foods, which can even affect the development of childrenThere will be a promoting effect, and it can also make the child’s anemia have a good relief and treatment effect. This is what parents need to pay attention to, all kinds of iron-containing foods can be selected.

Which foods are high in iron?

The following 8 foods have high iron content, and pig liver contains 31 iron per 100 grams of pig liver.

1 mg, protein 20.

8 mg.

Pig liver is also rich in vitamin A and folic acid, which is more comprehensive in nutrition.

However, cholesterol rich in cholesterol in pig liver should not be eaten too much at a time.

2. Beef beef contains iron 3 per 100 grams of beef.

2 mg, protein 20.

1 mg.

Beef has high nutritional value and has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach, but beef fiber is thick, so it should be thoroughly cooked and rotten when it is given to the baby.

3. Pork pork contains iron 3 per 100 grams of pork.

4 mg, protein 18.

4 mg.

Pork has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the stomach, and is the most common source of iron in your baby’s daily diet.

4. Chicken liver Chicken liver contains iron 13 per 100 grams of chicken liver.

1 mg, protein 16.

6 mg.

Chicken liver cancer heme iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A and B vitamins, etc., is a good choice for babies to supplement iron.

5, pig kidney pig kidney iron per 100 grams of pig kidney.

6 mg, protein 16.

8 mg.
Traces of zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, B vitamins, vitamin C, protein, traces, etc. in pig kidney, but pay attention to cleaning when making.

6. Chicken blood Chicken blood contains 28 iron per 100 grams of chicken blood.

3 mg, protein 10.

1 mg.
Chicken blood contains a variety of nutrients such as trace iron, zinc, amino acids, and vitamins, especially iron and lysine, and is easily absorbed by the body.

7. Soy Soy contains 9 iron per 100 grams of soybeans.

4 mg, protein 32.

9 mg.

Soybeans are rich in nutrients and high in iron, but the iron they contain is slightly worse than iron from animal sources.

8, egg yolk egg yolk contains 100 iron per 100 grams of yolk.

2 mg, protein 15.

2 mg.

Egg yolks are rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin D. Eggs are one of the most important foods for babies if they are not allergic.