[Is ginger good for the liver?

新闻 / 05/19/2020 /

】 _Protect the liver_Effect

[Is ginger good for the liver?
】 _Protect the liver_Effect

Ginger is a very common seasoning in life. In folks, ginger is very popular. People in many places have stated that ginger cures all diseases. Ginger also has many wonderful uses in life, but sometimes I hear about ginger.It is said that it is harmful to the liver. According to reports, if you eat too much ginger, the risk of liver cancer will increase, then what effect does ginger have on the liver?

Is ginger good for the liver?
Ginger, as a traditional Chinese medicine, is mild in medicinal properties, which is conducive to diverging wind chills, resolving phlegm and coughing, and can also detoxify and stop vomiting. It is clinically used to treat symptoms such as exogenous wind chills and stomach vomiting.

In addition, Jiang also has topical analgesia for cold bone disease, joint pain, and so on.

In addition, ginger oil, gingerol and other ingredients in ginger oil have the effects of anti-oxidation and enhancement of adrenal cortex function, and have very good liver protection effect.

In addition, ginger also has a beneficial effect on bile ducts, which has a very good effect on preventing gallstones, and the long handle can also be inserted directly to protect the liver. For patients with hepatitis B, ginger can be eaten.

For hepatitis B patients with abnormal liver function, eating a small amount of ginger is good for the body; for hepatitis B patients with severe liver damage, it is best not to eat ginger to avoid exacerbating the disease.

From a therapeutic point of view, ginger brown sugar water is only suitable for colds and colds, and patients with chills and fever are not allowed. They are not used to treat colds and wind fever, and they can not be used to treat heat stroke.

Taking fresh ginger juice may also cause vomiting. Do not eat rotten ginger.

In summer, the weather is hot, and many people are prone to dry mouth and sore throat. Ginger is a hot food and should not be eaten. Just put a few slices of ginger when cooking or doing exercises.

In addition, poor diet is also the cause of liver cancer.

So there is some basis for eating ginger can cause liver cancer.

Do not use moldy food when eating, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and food from Aunt Gao.

Things must be done in the right amount, or you can rest assured that it is a good supporting role on the dining table. For hepatitis, you should also pay attention to other risk factors, such as not eating moldy food, and effective ways to help liver cancer.

Note: It is important to avoid eating spicy and greasy foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, not eating moldy foods, maintaining physical health, being able to exercise properly and enhancing the body’s immunity. These are very important.
Also keep an optimistic mood.