[Is the instant noodle pasta harmful]_ impact _ hazard

夜网 / 05/14/2020 /

[Is the instant noodle pasta harmful]_ impact _ hazard

Since the advent of instant noodles, they have been welcomed by a large number of young friends, because instant noodles have given people greater convenience in their busy lives.

Moreover, instant noodles also provide a cheap and convenient food for some people in the early days of business or early work, but whether it is harmful to instant noodles has also become a more controversial issue in recent years.

Today’s article will explain to readers whether instant noodles are harmful.

Hazards of eating instant noodles Instant noodles are refined noodle foods, so this “excessive” food contains lecithin, protein, sugar, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B vitamins.Low ground, can not meet the nutritional needs of the human body, the harm of eating instant noodles for a long time is detrimental to brain activity.

Instant noodles contain too little cellulose. Chronic constipation is also one of the dangers of eating instant noodles. Feces accumulate in the large intestine for a long time, which can easily induce bowel cancer.

If fried instant noodles are eaten directly without frothing, the crispy and delicious taste is really tempting, but it is easy to feel dry and hot. At this time, the fire gas builds up in the body, causing anger.

Other components of convenience are also harmful.

For example, soup seasoning packs are mainly composed of monosodium glutamate and video additives. People who eat for a long time have a dull taste and affect normal appetite.

Although many and many instant noodles are now claimed not to be fried, they will contain edible oil to some extent. Therefore, as long as they are left for a long time, the fat in the instant noodles will be oxidized and decomposed by air to generate toxic aldehyde peroxides.

Eating instant noodles that have deteriorated with this oil will bring you unexpected troubles, causing poisoning such as dizziness, headache, fever, rejection and vomiting, and diarrhea.

Instant noodles produce some harmful substances during the process.

All starchy foods produce carcinogens such as amylamide in high-temperature cooking (over 120 ° C), and instant noodles made by frying at high temperature also contain acrylamide.

Are instant noodles nutritious?
There is a long history of whether instant noodles are nutritious. Many people think that instant noodles are not healthy when they mention it, but in fact, instant noodles are still nutritious, or more reasonably, instant noodles bring energy.

Instant noodles are mainly composed of pasta and seasonings. The nutrition of the pasta is mainly starch, oil and protein, as well as B vitamins and minerals derived from flour. In this way, instant noodles are also nutritious, just to sayIts nutrition is relatively single and naturally cannot be compared with a normal diet with vegetables and meat, which is why we cannot replace instant meals with instant noodles.

The main ingredients of the instant noodle seasoning package are oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, and spices, and some dehydrated vegetables. In fact, the nutritional value of dehydrated vegetables is also small, but they have little effect because they are small.

And if it is oil, it contains more than 95% of the aunt, which is mainly unsaturated, which is likely to cause obesity.

In general, instant noodles can help us replenish energy when we are obese, and restore physical strength as soon as possible, but have little success in nutrition, especially not a substitute for a normal diet.